Knitting Blahs

I’ve got the knitting Blahs 😦   I started Little man’s blanket and stopped because i decided i want bright colors for him. I played on my new laptop for a few days and then started the Argosy Dishcloth Saturday morning while i was babysitting and i had a couple minutes of free time. I am about halfway through…i decided last night my room need to be changed, cleaned, organized…something needed to be done i have too much stuff.  I even looked at selling some old American Girl accessories i have and Little Man’s baby leappad.  But on ebay it doesn’t look like there is any demand for the stuff at all. The leapad is like new and i have tons of books for it too-i was really hoping to make a few bucks off of it BUT maybe not. 

Knitting is slow, slow slow…and i have a few sewing projects i think i want to finish, well i should finish because they have been sitting around since October. 

Maybe i have just been knitting to much the past few months and worn myself out–Can that really happen? I didn’t think it could…i should want to knit all the time, nonstop. Instead i am avoiding it…choosing technology over some hands on knitting love. 

I am tired.

I have just wanted to veg.  Sounds lame i know.

i have 10 balls of Rowan 4 ply cotton any ideas on what i could do with it?

And 10 balls of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed-i need some ideas for that too.  Any ideas would be appreciated.


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