sickies and new project

Well i have been takin care of a sick Little Man. Coughing, sneezing, chapped nose and just miserable! He finally started getting better on Sunday BUT i started getting a sore throat.  But i pulled out my Airborne and i am feeling better already, i think it helped that i took it while Little Man was sick. 

I started a blanket for Little Man last week but i have only worked on it a few days, i was playing on the lappie on the other night and Monday i slept alot.  But i will have a picture tomorrow.  The basic idea is a 3 panel blanket. Gark green, grey and blue (still debating maybe switching grey for red) and each panal will be a different stitch pattern. I have half of the green one done and it is a checkerboard pattern i really like it.

Tomorrow my friend is coming over for kniterly stuff that should be fun 🙂 She wants to look at my knitting books for some pattern ideas, i brought her into knitting world and it is growing on her a little bit she just doesn’t have much time with a new baby and work.

Lots of stuff to do-more soon!!


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