Still Here

I have’t given up yet, i have just been feeling under the weather lately. Very Sleepy. 

I am working on a baby hat right now for my Hubby’s cousin. They had a baby about 2 weeks ago. You may think i am a little behind but i actually had an adorable purple flapper-like hat and purple wrap dress. BUT little trickster that the baby is (gets it from Dad) decided to be a boy instead 🙂 So i could demand that he wear all the purple knits i made, i mean when they are that little sometimes you can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl or i could make him something quick to wear and so i decided on a hat.  The pattern is from Purly Whites and I really like it. I should be done by tonight (i want to get it mailed out tomorrow, the latest Tuesday) so i will put up a picture.

I am having some picture posting issues in case you haven’t noticed. Last post was HUGE and post before that Small-i need a happy medium-and i am still working on that.

I got a new book last week too-it’s Knitting for Peace. It has some cute patterns in it and i was thinking of a Blanket for Little Man and using up some stash yarn to make some of the projects to send away.

I have some sewing i want to work on too, so lots going on.

I found out last night that my laptop is dying a slow death 😦  He stops recognizing that he is plugged in and goes to battery power and then i have to turn him off, let him sit and then turn back on to get him to rerecognize that he is plugged in. He also flashes back and forth while i am using him. Turns out my laptop brand has that problem and one day it will completely stop recognizing the plug and once my battery dies then that’s it my  laptop will be dead. You can technically fix it but it is kinda pricey so it might as well be used toward a new computer but thats EVEN MORE expensive. I plan on running him until he goes and then my sweet hubby will have to start sharing his laptop with me 🙂  I am trying to be VERY POSITVE and hoping my laptop still has a long life ahead of him.  So send  happy vibes our way!

On to work on the baby hat while Little Man is sleeping.


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