Introductions and Clapotis

Well this is my first real post and i feel like i need to do the usual introductions but i really don’t know what to say.  This is mainly a knitting blog but it’s bits of other areas in my life too.  I am married and i have a little man who never fails to make me smile.  But enough of the usual, more of me will come out as i write.

On to what’s on the needles.   Clapotis   Most of the knitters out there know about Clapotis and have already made one-but i didn’t catch the bug until about 6 months ago.  Now i can’t wait to get it done-I’m in the looonnnnggg middle section that you have to repeat 13 times!!! Only 2 more repeats before i start decreasing.  🙂

clapotis in progress

I really love the pattern even though it feels never-ending.  Dropping the stitches is my favorite part-it feels freeing.  I’m using Universal Yarn Inc’s Classic Worsted Impressions and i am Super disappointed with the yarn.  In my first ball i found one knot-not a big deal but in my second ball i found 2 knots!! I really don’t like knots!! Not for my Clapotis!! Little harder to hide them in the Clapotis 😦 

more pics of some other projects coming next time.


One thought on “Introductions and Clapotis

  1. Love the color! how wide is the clapotis?
    Knots – tell me about it … that wool-ease super thick yarn I used for Hoon’s hats had like 5 knots in each ball, very annoying. And the knots weren’t even well secured. Hrrmmmppphh!

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